Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sandy bugs!

I need a place to vent!

Facebook is to public and some of these bugs are from people that get my Facebook stuff and why tell them they bug me - they don't get it now so seeing it written down would just cause hurt. This will be a list in no particular order that might need expansion or explanation

-people who are late and particularly people who know the occasion, the time, that it makes me upset but are still late
- don't start helping me unload the dishwasher when there are only three things left to unload and then take credit for sharing the job
- having a shower is a necessity in life not a special event
- waiting for something to happen rather than trying to live in the day
- never doing anything for fun
-avoiding participating in things for so long that you stop being asked or included and then getting all sad and hurt
-making someone angry so you can blame your unhappiness on them
-people who tailgate, don't pull over in a passing lane, who do not signal
- getting up at noon, doing nothing and start drinking at five after day after day
-never finishing anything
-we'll see, it depends, maybe but really never
-people who manipulate others
-never ending unhappiness
- slobs - mental, physical
- hoarders

I think I needed to vent - feel much better!

Friday, 12 April 2013

April 12, 2013

        I forgot about this blog or put it out of my mind as I have difficulty thinking of anything to say on it. However when I read other blogs, I love the stories, pictures and admire people keeping a record of their lives. How many times have we had an amazing experience or learned a valuable lesson or met a fantastic person that in a short time we have forgotten the details?

        Today was a day for quiet reflection while winter placed its last icy kiss on nature. An ice storm on April 12 that painted the landscape with crystal and filled the air with sounds of snapping and cracking as branches bent under the weight of winter's kiss.
        Maybe I will try to journal - not sure what I will say but maybe in this case trying is the important result.

        I am going to try to post some pictures of winters last icy kiss as suggested by my friend Julie:

  and another

another kiss

week of April 7-13, 2013
Monday - rummycube with the girls at Annes, volleyball with the group
Tuesday - bars, bands and bars (omg what a workout), XY volleyball
Wednesday - off to Toronto to see the Wizard of Oz with Cindy and Anne
Thursday - vegetated
Friday - Winters kiss-ice storm

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Here I am

Where have I been?

Where have I been?

when I looked at the last entry "Here I Go" and then looked at the date of November 2011  -- I realize that I never went anywhere but now I am here!

It has been an interesting and boring 6 months since I tried to do this. I had said that I would go back a bit over some of the trips that I had done in 2011 and never did it soooooo:

May 2011
- my sister, Heather and I took a car trip to Florida with our kids. We took two cars full of kids - when I say kids they ranged from my 6 year old great niece Lily,  to my two kids Jenna 22 and Tyler 26 and his girlfriend at the time Lindsay, to  my niece Becky(Lily's mom) and my sister in law Judy. It was a fun trip overall with us renting a house in Kissimee while Tyler and Lindsay took one car to New Orleans and we tackled Disneyland. No spouses to take care of or worry that they were not having fun.
- I should have written all the details about the trip at the time because I know I had some really good advice about the whole thing but I have forgotten what it was

Sept 2011
We had our fall get together at Bon Echo Provincial Park - we had four campsites, many kids, dogs and a lot of raccoons. We did a whole turkey dinner for the crowd with a dessert competition judged by my brother and his wife from Nova Scotia which was ultimately won by a store bought dessert -- I sort of forgot to make any rules but what a whoot! We try to do this each year at a park since our home in Omemee is not really large enough to handle the herd

November 2011
 The Huffman Herd/Gang journeyed on a Mediterranean Cruise - now this trip incuded a wide range of ages from 26 year old to 82 year old==total of 13 people invading the European Continent. It was a blast. From my niece Brydie's amazing talent at karoke, to napkin folding lessons, to the unbelievable organization by my brother Herb--it was a memory maker. Again I wish I had written about it at the time.

now that is done, I wonder if I will be back soon or not? Heck I think I will post this and start again --talk later

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Here I go!

Well, I have been thinking of this for awhile but hesitated to start since there are no great dramatic things to say or tell people about. The final push was just that I needed to get the things in my head out and whether anyone finds them interesting or not, they will not be cluttering up my head.

A few things about me

- I am about to retire after 34 years at the same place or at least I am trying to convince myself that I would like to retire ( scares the bejesus out of me). Part of the purpose of doing the blog is to work out the mental aspects of packing it in or moving on to the next part of my life, to show myself that life does not end when I shut the door on my career. That sounds so depressing and I don't really think that it will end but I have to figure out how to fill in the 37.5 hours of my waking day with things other than housework and yardwork

- my home life is normal - husband, kids, dog and cat, house, yard

- my interests involve a little bit of everything but nothing fantastic - volleyball, baseball, tennis, reading, some crafts

-my pet peeves - unshared housework, clutter ( and if you knew my life you would laugh at that one), mean people, inconsiderate people, tailgaiters, ==I reserve the right to add to this list!

So what am I going to talk about in this thing - some travel, some bitching, some venting, some reviews of books, my views of life and the world (both a bit bizarre)---so really, whatever strikes my fancy.

I am going to go back to spring of 2011 to start things off with our trip to Florida, New York, Thanksgiving at Bon Echo, and our fantastic Meditterean Cruise -

so here I go!