Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sandy bugs!

I need a place to vent!

Facebook is to public and some of these bugs are from people that get my Facebook stuff and why tell them they bug me - they don't get it now so seeing it written down would just cause hurt. This will be a list in no particular order that might need expansion or explanation

-people who are late and particularly people who know the occasion, the time, that it makes me upset but are still late
- don't start helping me unload the dishwasher when there are only three things left to unload and then take credit for sharing the job
- having a shower is a necessity in life not a special event
- waiting for something to happen rather than trying to live in the day
- never doing anything for fun
-avoiding participating in things for so long that you stop being asked or included and then getting all sad and hurt
-making someone angry so you can blame your unhappiness on them
-people who tailgate, don't pull over in a passing lane, who do not signal
- getting up at noon, doing nothing and start drinking at five after day after day
-never finishing anything
-we'll see, it depends, maybe but really never
-people who manipulate others
-never ending unhappiness
- slobs - mental, physical
- hoarders

I think I needed to vent - feel much better!